Saturday, June 21, 2008

Three Keys to Enjoying Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

I was disappointed after watching the latest Indiana Jones movie. As a fan of the originals and of the TV series The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones, I couldn't be satisfied with anything less than perfection. Here are three pointers to maximize your enjoyment.
#1: Indiana Jones is not a normal human being. He is as indestructible as Chuck Norris and some early Christian saints.
#2: Indiana Jones is so extraordinary that he does not have to explain himself. This behavior has rubbed off on other characters, including the villains, and also apparently the screenwriters. If there is some sort of inconsistency (ie how did those natives just break out of behind that temple wall and how long have they been hiding there?), just think WWID (what would Indy do?). The answer is, of course, kick ass and not think about it. Enjoy it, it's not everyday that you get to experience WWID in an Indiana Jones movie.
#3: Indiana Jones does not believe in Oscars. In the realm of Indy-verse, you shouldn't believe in it, either. Just enjoy the show. Besides, he would probably craftily replace it with a bag of sand, anyway.

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