Tuesday, July 29, 2008

5 Tips for Pulling An All-Nighter

1. Socks. (I tend to get cold early in the morning.)
2. Caffeine (Tea, coffee, coke, energy drink, etc)
3. Something to chew on (gum, Sourpatch kids, erasers, etc.)
4. No Distractions (This can mean a lot of things, a physically clean place, turning off your internet, music, the absence of music, just something that forces you in the zone and keeps you there. For me, it's no music, no internet, no phone. When you're in a time crunch, you can't afford distractions...and that's why it's so appealing to take them.)
5. Comfortable clothes that you can go to class in without changing.
Bonus: A friend to stay up with you and offer support. S/he can be a horrible distraction early on, but later at 3, 4, 5 in the morning, it can be the only thing that keeps you going. It's especially useful if they're in another time zone so you don't feel as guilty for keeping them up.

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