Thursday, July 10, 2008

Blogs: Active or Passive Experience?

Today I read an article entitled "Writing Style for Print vs. Web." Author Jakob Nielsen (the king of usability) says that web writing differs from print writing, because web readers want to piece together their own information rather than being fed like TV or reading a book. That readers are on the go and are searching for a specific thing. The article link is here.
This makes a lot of sense when you're buying something and yeah, it seems like he's targeting small businesses, but does this apply to blogs, too? Or is it more like traditional writing that readers want to sit back and be entertained? Or (this makes the most sense) are we on a hazy middle ground? Something both extremely content driven, but also contains enough randomness, anecdotes, that mimic human conversation.


Anonymous said...

Is this the article Karyn wanted us to read?

The Goth Bunny said...

Yes, and who are you?