Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bunny Goes To...Norikonoko

I love Norikonoko! It's a cute little Japanese restaurant located at 2556 Telegraph Ave in Berkeley. The cross streets are Telegraph and Parker Here is a link to their menu. It's an adorable shop decorated to the gills with Japanese knick knacks (ie doraemon.)

My friend, Angela, and I went there for dinner. It's overpriced, but the food is great quality. The only student-priced food is the ramen (7.50 a bowl), the curry (10.00), or gyoza (10.00). $7.50 may seem a lot for a bowl of ramen, but remember that some other restaurants (unnamed, of course) will try to feed you ramen out of a package for $5. This ramen tastes fresh and chewy like it was made by people in kimonos on tatami mats or something like that. The nice older man and woman in the kitchen really help that image of home style food. It also comes with a hard boiled egg, fish cake, and assorted veggies.
We both got chashu ramen with gyoza (10.50), which is ramen plus four pieces of BBQ pork and a tiny plate of 3 gyoza. There is an option of a miso soup base and a soy sauce base, but I always pick the miso base.
It's a really neat place to go on a date or hang out with a friend or two. The staff is very polite and they all greet and say goodbye to you in Japanese. It's not made to accommodate big groups of people (4+). We finished off with taiyaki, a fish shaped pancake filled with red bean paste. They either make these things in the back or they have master microwave skills. It was soft, warm all the way through and not too sweet.
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