Monday, July 28, 2008

Clouds like Water

We hiked what seemed like a thousand stone cut steps to reach a viewing point by sunrise. I was breathless more from the climb than the view. At first, there was only fog. We sipped water and it was pleasantly chilly. It was too humid to be called crisp, but breezy. We looked out over the edge of the cliff. As the sky lightened, the layers of fog separated. I did not know that there were so colors of fog. There was inky gray, dove gray, blue linty gray, gray like dull silver, and a tissue paper white. The sun created ripples of apricot and peach. It was a beautiful soft sunrise, feathery. New colors appeared as the sun burned off the fog, green-gray of foliage, a pale lavender, gold, and even amber.
Our tour guide bemoaned the fog, that the sunrise would be much more brilliant in clear, mountain air, but I know for a fact that sunrises are breathtakingly beautiful. Who knew that fog could be, too?

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