Tuesday, July 22, 2008

When studying for Rome, procrastinate.

I was bumbling around looking for a timeline generator to put my roman history class into perspective. I really don't have the time and energy to break up the highlighters. As always, while technology has once again advanced beyond my pitiful knowledge, it hasn't advanced enough for me to do cool stuff. I didn't find anything useful, but I did find this hilarious time line generator for fantasy lands.

In the year -23, it is written that...
..there was an advance in offensive military technology
..there was an epidemic/disease with an infection rate of 71% - 80% and a mortality rate of 0% - 5%
In the year -21, it is written that...
..a Religious Order fell into disgrace
..a rebellion of the Nobles occurred
In the year -20, it is written that...
..there was an attack by a group of poorly organized raiders
..there was an incursion by foreign interests

And on and so forth and etc. It's a wonderful spoof on how laboriously serious fantasy epic writers are...or maybe it's completely straightfaced and de riguer for young men straight from D&D.
But back to studying.
And if you're wondering, in the year 23BC, Augusts resigned the consulship.

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