Monday, July 21, 2008

Narnia: A Real Place?

Which way to Narnia? Apparently, Narnia was once a real Europe.
Piso, having crossed the Dalmatian sea and left his ships at Ancona, traveled through Picenum and subsequently by the Flaminian Way, overtaking the legion which was being led from Pannonia to the City and thence as a garrison [Legion IX] for Africa...From Narnia-- to avoid suspicion, or because the plans of those who panic are never certain--he sailed down the Nar and subsequently the Tiber...-- Tacitius' Annals 3.9.1

Did C. S. Lewis know his Tacitus? And where is the real Narnia anyway? The results are confusing. Further Wikipedia research yields that the River Nar is in England. Though Pannonia is in Eastern Europe, around western Hungary, and the Tiber river is in northern Italy. The City, of course, is Rome.
So, in conclusion, Narnia did exist, I'm just not sure where. I smell a National Geographic/ Nova/ Discovery Channel feature coming up!

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The Goth Bunny said...

Thank god for Google. It's actually a little place in Italy, now called Narni.