Sunday, July 6, 2008

New Friends

This blog has been expanded a lot from its original goal of blogging about books. In fact, I've been blogging about a lot of stuff besides books because frankly, I just don't read fast enough. I also write for reviews for under a human alias and I have a lot interests. So I asked the friends with whom I watched Wanted if they would like to contribute. You can decide if they're actually people or just stuffed animals. So here are our new members: starting from the top, there's Flopsy who is inexplicably happy. Second is Ryan the blue bulldog companion that was pictured in my Wall-E review. He will start taking over some of the cooking stuff, because he is a far better cook than me. And finally, there is Ivan the Diminutive, who is over-enthusiastically Russian. See close up! We are all very hopeful that he has the writing chops but not the tragic personality of other Russian greats.

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