Friday, July 11, 2008

Shembi's Green Beans Recipe Revisited

The first picture is the green bean recipe still in the pan. It doesn't look as appealing as it does in real life and the white stuff is basically several tablespoons of chevre (goat cheese). Yum!
Here's the link to the recipe.
The second picture includes a rosemary roasted chicken with a sprig of well, rosemary. While the green bean definitely looks heavy, it tastes like a relatively light dish, especially compared to a dense piece of roasted chicken. It was a fun and tasty dinner, but rather expensive.
The first time I had this green bean recipe was with a piece of barbecued chicken in a lime marinade and a light green salad, which I guess is healthy and light all the way around.
If you want to carb-load, this dish really complements a short pasta (penne, shells, fusili) in a marinara sauce. The goat cheese really enriches the tomato sauce and you get the tart sweetness of the grape tomatoes, with the different crunches of the green beans and toasted slivered almonds, the slight spice of the bell peppers, and well, it's really nice.


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Yeah, in the first picture it looks like goth bunny barf, lol. j/k.

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