Saturday, February 21, 2009

Love At First Bite

The Greeks had it right when they described eros as destructive. This cupcake is cute and dainty, but after the first bite, you are hit with a primal urge to consume it. This cupcake might not launch a thousand ships, but it could launch a few punches.

I'm not a big cupcake fan. They're either dry or so moist that they break when you bite into them. Too often, they're coated with thick, glue-like frosting. But today I learned that those are not cupcakes, this baby here, is a cupcake.
There's just a tiny bit of resistance in the frosting when you bite down, and then your teeth slice down through the cream cheese and cake. The frosting is a bright burst of tangy lemony sweetness. It's not sour or tart or overwhelmingly sweet, but definitively lemon-y that flavors the whole cupcake. The cake itself (because i tasted them separately between sips of tea) is light and moist without being spongy or cakey. It's just the thing for tea parties!
Love at First Bite is located at 1510 Walnut Street, Suite G, Berkeley, CA 94709.
There was one bite left.
And then there was none.
"No," howled Sookie as Apis swallowed the last crumb. "No."
Will Sookie ever forgive Apis for not sharing the cupcake?  Will Apis ever forgive Sookie for punching him?  Find out next time on The Goth Bunny (and friends).


Danica said...

hahaha. most epic cupcake battle ever.


Alicia said...

hahaa cuuuute.

omg i want love at first bite. you're so lucky you live so close.