Friday, February 20, 2009

Three Dishes in 90 minutes

Pasta with diced tomato, broccoli, and squash, Broccoli stir fry with carrots and snow peas, and stir fried spicy green beans.
My Tuesday morning class stopped meeting so I thought I should do my cooking for the week. I had a lot of random stuff in my fridge (ie three crowns of broccoli and a bag of broccoli florets) so I decided to cook it all.
The pasta was super easy. I boiled the pasta according to the directions. While it was cooking, I skinned a yellow squash (it was kind of old and the skin was gross) and diced it along with a tomato. I three the squash and the broccoli into the boiling pasta for the last 2 minutes of cooking time. Then I minced one clove of garlic, cooked it in a little olive oil, threw in the pasta and veggies, warmed it through, added a dash of white wine and a lot of Parmesan cheese.
The broccoli stir fry was also easy but not as tasty. My friend taught me how to make it but I should have paid more attention. I skinned a carrot and cut it into triangles. Cooked it with some olive oil and garlic until it was softened. Threw in the broccoli, a few dashes of soy sauce, a quarter cup of water and simmered it. At the last minute I remembered I had snow peas, took out the strings, and threw them in. The broccoli came out a little mushy. :(
An ex taught me how to make the green beans. You boil the beans for a few minutes. Then fry them in olive oil, garlic, and hot sauce.  
So, instead of doing homework/ reading, I made food. Yay!

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t.sang said...

that looks fancy! the stir-fry looks good.