Saturday, April 11, 2009

Things I Made But Did Not Take Pictures Of

I didn't bake much this week, but I did spend an obscene amount of time on tastespotting. 
Doesn't this look awesome: Bacon Weave
This one too: Baby cupcakes

Things I did make.
1. Currant Scones 
I blogged about this like 2 posts ago, but I used 1/2 cup of wheat flour today instead of 2 cups of all purpose. The batter seemed much moister and the actual scone was flecked with the brown flour. My friend thought it was "spiced." I think I will mix wheat flour into all my future scone endeavours!
2. 2-Layered Ice Cream with a crust of vanilla Joe Joes
We may have needed to bake the crust with some butter before adding layers of ice cream. My sister made the "layer" by putting saran wrap in pie tins and filling them with ice cream.  To decorate the top, we took a paper coffee filter and cut hearts into it. Then we put it on the surface of the top layer and sprinkled finely crushed joe joes on top. I love that word "joe joes." It reminds of kangaroos. 
3. Roasted brussel sprouts with lemon juice
Who knew that 1 tsp of salt for 1 bag of brussel sprouts is uber salty? The lemon juice distracted it slightly. Besides having to drink copious amounts of water, it was pretty good.

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t.sang said...

ice cream cake. haha it was pretty but i still don't get ice cream cake