Sunday, June 28, 2009

Apis Goes to Europe

I went to Europe for the first time in May. Though I wanted to take Goth Bunny with me, I couldn't fit him in my backpack and I was loath to loose him. Apis, of course, was a little more disposable. I was planning to write a little book of our adventures and the first part of it will be tips on travelling.

Tips on Traveling

(Outside Glasgow Museum)

1. Interact with the locals. With few exceptions, they make the best tour guides.

(Neil displaying local hospitality.)

2. Make new friends.

(Apis riding Hamish Rowan Gordon, a highland cow
and proud new resident of the United States.
Assisted by Scotswoman Mairi Gordon.)

3. Don't waste time taking unnecessary pictures. For instance, in the case of Apis, we took lots of pictures of cows. DO NOT take pictures of everything. Going through your film at the end should be fun and nostalgic, not a chore.

(Bull lyre at British museum and possible an ancestor of Apis).
4. EAT!

(Salad at Borough Market, London)

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