Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Typical Dinner

Here is the dinner my sister (check her out at heartisserie) and I made tonight. She made eel aka unagi with extra eel sauce and a gailan or chinese broccoli stir fry. I made salmon and a broccoli-carrot stir fry.

My dad came down to fiddle in the kitchen with his crutches. He objected to the idea of me baking salmon and using shallots, because, as everyone knows, the one true way, the chinese way (also known as "the one true way") to make salmon is to pan fry the sucker in oil.
I wasn't so hot on that idea, but decided to try the scientific method. To pan fry one fillet and bake the other. Long story short, the baked salmon with dill (April 2007 of Martha Stewart's Everyday Food) turned out to be much more moist and flavorful, with the zuchinni tasting buttery rather than greasy. Instead of revealing and reveling my results, I utilized a little deception. I poured the excess liquid over the fried piece of salmon and pan fried the baked piece to give it a nice, golden crust. The picture above is before I fried it. No one noticed and my father has deigned to allowed its presence in his lunch box tomorrow!

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