Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of July

My 4th of July Tiramisu with decaf coffee was a success!
My mom ate some this morning along with my sister’s green tea and red bean jelly roll. I was planning to save it for dessert, but my mom is still really jetlagged and the slightest amount of caffeine (even chocolate?!) will prevent her from sleeping. It tasted a little to cheese-cakey for me due to the high cream cheese to heavy cream ratio. The recipe is called Easy Tiramisu. I halved the recipe and coated half of the lady fingers in a chocolate ganache that was leftover from my deflationary macaroons.

I had some too with Hong Kong Style Milk Tea. My mom brought back about two gallon bags back worth of it. The tea powder looks like instant espresso and we make it in a coffee maker and sweeten it with some condensed milk. Her friends prefer to do it with evaporated milk and sugar cubes. It has a slight burnt taste, which is much more appealing than it sounds.

I also got a lot of clothes from Hong Kong and the tags are especially amusing: Give YOU Great Comfort when You Work and Move. The brand name is “Bitter gourd muskmelon.”

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