Sunday, July 5, 2009

Celebratory Almond Tart

I made this to celebrate the return of my mother and hopefully, the end of my reign in the kitchen.

The recipe comes from Chez Panisse and Alice Waters . I found an online version on David Leibovitz's blog. His pictures are waaay prettier than mine. I also ended up making lots of adjustments due to my meager supplies. First of all, no tart tin so I used a pie tin. I don't recommend this, because the crust flopped down halfway through. Not sagged a little, but think "pancake." I also omitted the lemon zest, because someone refuses to touch lemony things. Also, no Grand Marnier because $45 for a bottle?! :(
Yet, despite all these difficulties that tart still turned out really good. True to its description, it turned out very crisp and cookie-like, though more crumbly than I expected. I used vanilla scented sugar, which is just old vanilla beans buried in sugar, and I think it mellowed out the sweetness.
The best thing was watching my mom devour a quarter of it (the last quarter) at breakfast the next day with her cup of decaf coffee.

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