Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Nostalgia and Pinole Cookies

Tea has gone to China, which means that I get the bedroom and bathroom and most importantly, the desk, all to myself. The downsides is that I've lost someone to talk to about M's skills of finding hidden and forbidden Haagen-dazs ice cream bars, Big D's infinitely numerous ways of annoying us, and various other family and friend gossip. I also have to start packing my own lunch, which Tea usually does with the zeal of bento box fanatic. And a baking buddy. A biking buddy. A sparring partner. The positives and negatives go on and on.
Here is a picture of our last baking adventure together:

We made pinole or pine nut cookies. I don't have the recipe, because I was her sous chef in this venture and just did as I was told. I ate a few with my "flirty" cup.
My mother and I gave her a send off today by first visiting SF's Japanese town. She was too nervous to eat so we walked around the mall and looked at awesome things like fish shaped piggy banks and sushi molds. Unfortunately, M had taken my camera on a school field trip so there is no documentation.
I drooled over this book of Japanese crafts. There was a template for making book cover with pockets!!! After dropping Tea at the airport, my mom and I celebrated our newfound and brief freedom from Big D by going to Berkeley's Venezia restaurant and then having ice cream at Ici. We were both greedy guts and got two scoop cones. I got chocolate and oatmeal chocolate chip (which tasted like oatmeal cookies crumbled in vanilla ice cream). My mom got rose-pistachio and chocolate.
Then we went home to Big D (hurray!) and I got to listen to a self-discipline and responsiblity lecture while baking mini almond tarts. It somehow translated on how I must always leave my bedroom door open so Big D can have an unadulterated view of the beautiful houses across the street. My room should also be clean enough so he can have a clear line of vision of the aforementioned street. Living at home seems to have an infantalizing affect on me.

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