Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Pork Chop Rice

I really love this dish, which is saying a lot because I usually refuse to eat fried rice. It always tastes greasy and oily, and it usually has mushy, frozen peas and carrots. Also the knowledge that you have to add more oil whenever you cook the next step grosses me out. Oil. Scramble eggs. Oil. Fry meat. Oil. Add rice.
There was a HK eatery in Monterey Park that had great version of this dish, but when we moved up northn, we couldn't find another great pork chop place. Yes, pork chop rice can be gross, greasy, and soggy, too.
My mom used this recipe as a starting point, but we used more mushrooms (a whole box), just red peppers instead of green, and worcheshire sauce and ketchup in addition to the tomato paste. It's hard to give exact measurements, because we taste it continuously. My dad didn't like the cheese so we skipped it. I think we also use the same amount of sauce in the recipe, but double the amount of rice. No need to saturate the rice.
We also bake the porkchops while we make the sauce and rice, because it cuts down the overall cooking time. The porkchops have aleady been baking for 5-10 minutes as you prepare the rest of the components which are fully cooked so you only have to bake the whole thing together for like ten minutes to mesh the flavors.

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t.sang said...

looks goooood.
but i wish there was more crunchy rice on the bottom. too bad you know who doesn't like it.
but he doesn't even eat it!